“Dying is inevitable. (It’s) a matter of surrendering everything to God but still holding on and fighting to be with your family.” These are the powerful words left by Mr. Lance Raymundo, a singer-actor who staggered the whole nation about his tragic accident as he visited Malate Catholic School last August 1.

It was said that while he was working out one day in preparation for his role of Jesus Christ in a senaculo, a 95-pound barbell crushed onto his face. According to him, the trainer who was assisting him accidentally dislodged the barbell just above Mr. Raymundo’s face. His face was severely distorted with his nose and eyes totally affected. He was at risk of dying. Despite such, he did not sue the trainer.

When he was in the hospital, his doctors were astounded at the result of his examination for they were expecting an almost zero percent chance that of recovery, but he was able to regain his strength and totally recover just days later. “Prayer helped Reggie recover fast,” said Mrs. Nina Raymundo, his mother.  It was believed that the prayers to Venerable Ignacia del Espiritu Santo were the key to his fast recovery. Her mom is a devotee of Venerable Ignacia for 13 years now and helps out as a bather of patients at the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Another issue tackled in the said event was him not filing a case against his trainer.  In the talk, Mr. Raymundo explained the value of being forgiving to those who sin against anyone in any occasion. It didn’t take time for him to pardon his trainer despite of everything that happened. When asked if he would like to go back in time to change the event that happened he said, “No, because God knows three things. He knows my family background, my capabilities and my personality.” Mr. Raymundo said that God knows that his family is religious. They can afford the medications needed to finance his condition. And he also said that God knows that he is strong enough to face this problem.

He chuckled when he learned that the school’s motto is related to faith. He didn’t expect that his talk would somehow be tightly connected to the motto of the school which is, “True to my Faith.” With this testament, it proves that faith can move mountains. It makes things possible and forgiveness is the highest and most beautiful form of love.

When talking about his visible scar or what he considered as his “battle scar” on his nose bridge, he said, “I can easily say that I want to remove my scar and they will, but no I don’t want it to be removed. Every day that I wake up and look in the mirror, I would constantly be reminded of the miracle that happened to me,” he ended. #Chrismarie Balbido

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