Senior High School Faculty Training for Cluster 8 Schools: Integrating Technology for Meaningful Learning: Introduction to the Promise and Practice of Blended Learning

The Senior High School faculty of Malate Catholic School and Sta. Clara Parish School have concluded their third professional training series on Outcomes-based Education (OBE), Technology Integration and Blended Learning today, April 7, 2016.

Under the tutelage of Nenita Habulan, Ph.D., a content specialist whose expertise is sought by various universities, the teachers demonstrated the key concepts learned from the training into a class demonstration.
An associate professor in De La Salle University, Dr. Habulan hopes to represent the country’s educators, as well as advocates of educational reforms, in congress thru the A-Teacher Party List.
With her presence in the legislative body of the government, the education sector will have a louder voice.

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