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Office of the School Directress

Circular No. 01 s.2015

Date: May 30, 2015



Isang Daan…Tagumpay ng Malatean!

I wish to convey through this circular that Malate Catholic School(MCS) will officially start the three-year countdown to the Centennial celebration with a launching on November 14, 2015. The highlight of which is a motorcade covering nearby cities, where pupils, students, parents and alumni come from.  The activities included in the three-year festivities are all anchored on the school’s core values of Faith, Excellence and Service.

The theme: ‘Isang Daan…Tagumpay ng Malatean’ reflects the 100 years of triumph and victories; a century of overcoming challenges and defying odds. It reinforces the resilience of the Malatean spirit in the face of an ever changing landscape.

One of the most important events that will truly capture the essence of this theme is the search for ‘Ulirang Alumni, Parents, Administrators, Faculty and Staff.’ This will be open to all, including the founding officers of the school’s organizations. It is our goal to honour and recognize those who have served the school with unwavering dedication and commitment. Without their vision and passion, Malate Catholic School would have never established her niche as one of the oldest and premier Catholic parochial schools in Metro Manila – the first PAASCU Accredited High School and the only ISO certified Parochial School (2003). Malate Catholic School is a name that cuts through time and space with 100 years of legacy of Excellent Quality Catholic Education.

As one of the oldest and premier educational institutions, MCS builds its power from every graduate who has shone in their field of expertise. Since its foundation, the school has produced first class professionals and upright citizens. Guided by the school’s motto, “True to my Faith,” Malateans continue to be living examples of the school’s excellent training and holistic formation.

Moreover, MCS has embarked on a valuable project to mark its centenary – the construction of the Centennial Gymnasium which will serve as training facility for participants in sports, games, physical exercises such as gymnastics, including cheer dancing and other school-related activities.

Through the years, it has been the venue for the school’s outreach programs, notably the soup kitchen for the poor families in the vicinity; and the Pamaskong Handog for street dwellers and catechetical instruction for public school pupils in the area.

The gym has also accommodated some Archdiocesan assemblies such as the Manila Archdiocesan General Pastoral Assembly (MAGPAS), Archdiocesan Youth Assembly and Parish Pastoral Assemblies of the Our Lady of Remedies Church in Malate including Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila Educational System (RCAM ES) gatherings.

Thus, it is our vision to have the Centennial Gymnasium as the cornerstone of our Centennial Legacy. It will represent our solid promise to the community to uphold ideals of sportsmanship, integrity, knowledge, transformative education and holistic formation of the young and the adult members of our society. It will forever stand as a concrete reminder to our students—past, present, and future—of what we could achieve together as a community.

In this light, we are calling on all those who love this school by the Church in Malate to take part in this noble endeavor by sharing their resources as private individuals, group or by batch through donations, pledges and sponsorship. You can deposit your engagement directly to the school’s centennial account which can be inquired from the office of the Finance and/or the School Directress. Please feel free to inquire about the details of the project like over-all costs from the Office of the Directress only.

Also, kindly verify the legitimacy of the solicitation letter which will be distributed by the administration, parents, pupils and students and alumni. The official letter will bear the logo of the School with a watermark of the Centennial logo including serial number and security features that are digitally placed.  Valid transactions are those with Official Receipts issued by the school.  This requirement aims to protect the good name of the school, the noble intention of the project, and the integrity of the celebration.

Below are the main events for the next three years for your perusal. Your presence in these activities are highly appreciated. Please be informed and be guided appropriately.


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