Praised be Jesus and Mary! Welcome back to Malate Catholic School!

First, we hope that you all had a fun summer break and we also pray that everything is well in your respective homes. The new academic session has started and we are confident that you are fully prepared having been refreshed and energized by the long vacation.

We also welcome the new freshmen and transferees who have joined the MCS family. We urge everyone to make them feel at home.

Over the summer, the school had been busy with improvement in facilities. The different school units prepared the program of activities for a productive school year 2014-2015. However, MUCH DEPENDS ON YOU. The resources that we provide in the school are nothing if your attitude, your interest and willingness to learn, and your diligence are lacking.

We  will continue to capitalize on building strong relationships with alumni, parents, students, staff and partner-communities to continue the legacy of excellence with focus on transforming learners, promoting safe environment, implementing data-driven instructional strategies to increase student performance, and providing challenging opportunities for enrichment.

MCS has so many things to be proud of. Let us make this year a BETTER one.



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