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The Registrar’s Office is the repository of the students’ scholastic records.  It organizes and manages an automated filing system in order to provide essential data on admission, course requirements, transfers and graduation.  It is also responsible for the issuance of transcript records, diplomas, graduation certificate, acceptance certificate for foreign students and certifications pertaining to academic documents.

The Office acts as the executive branch of the school on cases involving credentials, the evaluation of subjects or credits and the eligibility for graduation of a student.

The Registrar’s Office is accountable to the School Directress and is the main contact to the Department of Education.

Operationally, the Registrar’s duties and responsibilities include:

  1. Up-to-date management of all students’ records such as:
    –          Permanent records from grade school to secondary levels (Form 137)
    –          Quarterly Grades
  1. Issuance of transfer credentials, transcript of records, certification of graduation for the secondary level and ranking of students
  2. Evaluation of credentials for purposes of registration
  3. Validation of admission of students from foreign schools
  4. Assisting foreign students in securing SSP (Special Study Permit) from the Bureau of Immigration & Deportation (BID)
  5. Preparation and submission of all reportorial requirements as may be requested by the Department of Education
  6. Enforcement of regulations regarding enrollment, promotions and subject sequence
  7. Main correspondent regarding school records
  8. Notification of encoding schedule and verification of veracity of encoded grades
  9. Processing of grades and printing of Report Cards (Form 138)  in every quarter
  10. Schedule of the release of Report Cards (Form 138)



Transcript of Records/Form– 137 are released on the assigned date given by the Registrar upon presentation of official request from the school where the student transferred. The  Office of the Registrar is not sending Transcript of Records/Form–137 nor diploma  through e-mail or fax to maintain its confidentiality.

Students/alumni who are requesting for Form-137 for “reference purposes” are required to come personally to the office to fill-out the REQUEST FORM. In the event that they cannot come personally an authorized person may claim the record provided that he/she can show an authorization letter together with his/her I.D. and the I.D. of  the owner of the record.

An affidavit of loss is required from those who are requesting for  a second copy of diploma.


Release of transcript of records usually takes three (3) to five (5) working days.  Requests received during Mondays & Tuesdays will be released by Friday; while requests received on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays will be released on the next Wednesday.  Urgent requests are entertained but with an extra charge of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) as expedite fee.  The processing of which will take an hour or more but not more than a day.

The second copy of diploma will be released  within a minimum of five (5)  to ten (10) working days maximum, depending on the availability of the signatories.