Malate Catholic School
Five-Year Night High School Program

Project Type:   Education

Type of Beneficiaries:     Out-of-School Youth and Adults (aged 16 years old onwards)

Project Site:     Malate Catholic School
1030 A. Mabini St. Malate, Manila

Parish:       Our Lady Of Remedies, Malate

Diocese:  Manila

Proponent Organization:   Malate Catholic School – Pastoral Ministry

Proponent Address:   1030 A. Mabini Corner Madre Ignacia Sts. Malate, Manila 

Tel. No.        525-3921                Fax No. 5367001                                E-mail Address:      


Contact Person:
Mr. Noel G. Elbanbuena
Pastoral Ministry Coordinator
525-3921/ 525-1325

Project Description

The Five-Year Night High School of Malate Catholic School is an Outreach Program of its Pastoral Ministry formally established and recognized by the Department of Education in 2005. It provides opportunity for out-of-school youth and disenfranchised adults to be able to complete their secondary education under the close supervision of highly dedicated teacher-volunteers. Considering that the school’s client communities are urban poor in Manila where several out-of-school youth are involved in petty crimes and vices, the program hopes to save the youth from becoming juvenile delinquents. Aware of the needs and problems of the community, MCS opens its doors even to the lowly and deprived members of the community, in realization of its mission to be in solidarity with the poor. The program envisions to produce graduates who possess skills and knowledge that will enable themselves to improve the quality of their lives, their families, and their communities as well.

To mark, MCS NHS has already produced 56 graduates ranging from house helpers, vendors, single parents and former out-of-school youth who come from the low-income families of the nearby barangays – Dakota, Remedios and San Andres. Some of them have been able to finish TESDA courses and now have had decent jobs.

From the 60 enrollees in 2005-‘06, its enrollment has now gone up to 184. There could have been more, but the school cannot accommodate all at the moment due to its limited resources. Because of the increasing population, there is now a need to look for additional funding to sustain and further improve its operationand accommodate more enrollees.


The Five-Year Night High School Program provides opportunities and experiences for lifelong learning. It hopes to respond to the immediate and pressing needs of those who have stopped schooling but are motivated to continue studies on their own. The program provides the means of meeting the learning needs of those unable to avail themselves of the regular secondary education due to financial constraints and/or time conflict. This educational intervention is designed to inculcate self-reliance, self-help and self-sufficiency among the poor to enable them to participate effectively in productive undertakings, manage their limited resources and reduce their dependence on social welfare. It aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life by raising the educational attainment of the poor.

To meet these ends, the MCS NHS offers both academic and technical-vocational orientations. Teachers from the regular classes volunteer to teach the different subject areas stretching the secondary curriculum into five years. During the last year, students are enrolled in TESDA classes to equip them with technical-vocational skills and livelihood trainings. There is also a strong Catholic orientation which helps build character and value formation. The MCS NHS students have also opportunities in the arts and sports, as the program enables them to experience participation in convocations, community cultural programs and intramurals/sports competitions.

The NHS students diligently attend daily evening-shift classes from 4:00 to 8:15 pm. For many, this second chance of being able to obtain a cherished high school diploma continues to motivate them. In turn, the school provides them quality education under a holistic program which emphasizes total quality education, Christian Catholic formation and social responsibility. The curriculum also aims to provide them livelihood orientation, as well as develop technical skills through the school’s linkages with TESDA and other non-government organizations.

True to its faith, Malate Catholic School will remain committed to helping these poor former out-of-school youth and adult learners to fulfill their hopes, all to the glory of God.



The following are the school personnel who are involved in the Five-Year Night High School:

Positions Names of School Personnel
Directress Sr. Ma. Rosalina Cristina A. Asuncion, RVM
Treasurer Sr. Ma. Edna F. Erlano, RVM
Principal Mrs. Ma. Socorro F. Balbido
HS Academic Coordinator Ms. Marilou M. Lunar
NHS In-Charge/ Pastoral Ministry Coordinator Mr. Noel G. Elbanbuena
Registrar Mrs. Jasminia R. Surada
Subject Area Coordinators Ms. Consolacion Nadonga – Christian Living

Ms. Maria Grizel Ragandang – English

Mr. Noel Hermano – Math

Mrs. Antonietta B. Cruz – Science

Mrs. Celerina S. Estolloso – Filipino

Mrs. Armelle F. Clemente – Social Studies

Ms. Emily Avecilla – MAPEH / TLE – Computer

Subject Teachers

Guidance Coordinator

Career Advocate

35 HS Teachers

Mrs. Michelle A. Santiago, RGC

Ms. Erica R. Paywan