1588 – The Augustinians from Spain established a mission in Malate under the advocacy of Our Lady of Remedies.

1596 – The Augustinian Friars moved the little chapel to the present site of the church today.

1909 – This year, the “Beatas de la Compaña de Jesus” (presently known as the RVM Sisters) taught the children of the locality in the “EscuelaCatolica de Malate,” an evidence which was shown in a picture of the Beatas’ presence in the year 1909.

1917 – The Redemptorist Fathers who were in-charge of the parish started the formal foundations of the parochial school with Fr. Terence Brown, CSsR, as the first director and Mother Alix (a Belgian sister from St. Theresa’s College) as the first principal.

1941 – Japanese forces attacked the country and Malate was devastated. The school closed and the classrooms were converted into hospital wards under the American Red Cross – the Remedios Hospital.

1945 – Year of the American Liberation. The school was ravaged by war. The Columban Fathers were in-charge of the parish. Fr. John Lalor was killed in the hospital premises, while the others were killed in the church with the other martyrs.

1946 – The school re-opened after the repairs under the leadership of Fr. Sheehan.[/vc_column_text][/vc_accordion_tab][vc_accordion_tab title=”1950-1980s”][vc_column_text]1957 – The year when the management of the school was turned over to the Columban Sisters, with Sr. Mary Bernardine as the first superior.

1963-1983 – MCS experienced a lot of progress and growth in student population, and construction of a new building was needed. In 1972, a five-storey building was opened for the girls’ high school which is now the Assumption Building. It was blessed by the late Rufino J. Cardinal Santos, DD, the Archbishop of Manila, on January 22, 1972.

1974 – Fr. James McCarthy directed the school with the Columban Sisters.

1975 – Bishop Leonardo Lagaspi, OP, DD headed the School Board and Sr. Ma. Laetetia was appointed Assistant School Directress.

1977 – MCS became the first National Quiz Bee Champion – History Category.

1978 – MCS became a member of Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) and made use of their varied test materials.

1982 – In April of this year, the school was put under a Board of Trustees headed by Bishop Gaudencio Rosales, DD, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila. Sr. Mary Laetetia was appointed as School Directress.

1983 – MCS passed the PAASCU preliminary accreditation.

1985 – A three-storey building, named after San Lorenzo Ruiz was built in the Boys’ campus.

1986 – The school purchased a residential house and lot adjacent to the Boys’ campus. This house was used as a typing room and medical clinic for the boys. This was later renovated to become the RVM Sisters’ convent in 1990.

1987 – MCS had the 2nd Formal Re-visit by PAASCU and was granted a five-year accreditation status.

1988 – The school first participated in the Rotary-sponsored Public Speaking contest and won the national level. The school delegate was sent to London and won the international level competition. The school representative to the Manila City Girls’ and Boys’ Week was elected Youth Mayor of the city.

1990 – Management of the school by the Columban Sisters was turned over to the RVM Congregation with Sr. Ma. Rita Ferraris, RVM as the appointed school directress.On July 16, 1990, a killer quake ravaged Luzon and partly destroyed the old grade school building. This necessitated a construction of a new Our Lady of Remedies building launched through a fund-raising drive dubbed “PisoMulasaPuso.”

His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, Archbishop of Manila, assisted by Bishop Manuel Sobreviñas, his auxiliary and chairman of the MCS Board of Trustees, blessed and laid the corner stone of the building on October 23, 1990.

1991 – Sr. Ma. Clarita R. Balleque, RVM came to replace Sr. Ma. Rita on Dec. 8, 1990. MCS launched its Diamond Jubilee on the same year and preparations for third PAASCU re-survey were underway.

1992 – Monsignor Gabriel Reyes, DD, then the Auxiliary Bishop of Manila launched the Madre Ignacia Movement, Malate chapter on March 1. On the same year, MCS underwent 3rd PAASCU Re-survey using for the first time Form B of the analysis and evaluation process. The school was once again granted a five-year accreditation status.

1994 – On July 4, 1994, His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, DD blessed the newly built Our Lady of Remedies building which houses the library, computer and science laboratories, faculty room and classrooms for the girls grade school. Construction of a new Madre Ignacia building in the Boys campus also started. Sr. Clarita encouraged the school community to put up a credit cooperative (which at present is growing in membership and financial capacity).

1995 – Sr. Ma. Rafaela Q. Singzon, RVM replaced Sr. Ma. Clarita having been elected as Superior General of the RVM Congregation.

Msgr. Manuel Sobreviñas, chair of the MCS Board of Trustees, blessed the Madre Ignacia building in the Boys campus where the libraries, science and computer laboratories and faculty rooms were located.

MCS became a host school of local and foreign delegates in the World Youth Day celebration when Pope John Paul II spearheaded the event.

1997 – This school year MCS ushered a lot of physical improvements:

 Renovation of the AV-Little Theater
 Construction of the new Immaculate Conception building
 Renovation of the school gymnasium and its dedication in honor of His Eminence Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, DD
 Expansion of the canteen in both Boys and Girls’ campus
 Launching of the internet service in the Multimedia Center of the Immaculate Conception building
 Construction of the Queen of Peace Ladies Dormitory at the site of the Sisters’ convent
 Conversion of the three classrooms in the ground floor of the St. Joseph building in the Boys Campus into a Function room and a social hall.
 Computerization of the Finance Office.

1998 – PAASCU conducted its 4th Re-survey of the school. MCS again used the Form B and was granted another five-year accredited status.
 The Immaculate Conception building was blessed in time for the PAASCU visit. The building houses the chapel, directress office, faculty room, music and art rooms, ballet room, classrooms for the girls high school and the PE hall at the rooftop.
 Monsignor Gerardo O. Santos, the Superintendent of MAPSA-South Manila, was the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
The school gymnasium was renovated to have more bleachers to accommodate more audience.